Discovered ‘The Net’ and Made Some of the Very Early Interesting Pages

I dis­cov­ered ‘the Net’ (in­for­ma­tion su­per­high­way?) and had lots of ideas for web pages–and taught my­self pro­gram­ming, made them, and years lat­er, they still get a ton of traf­fic. There are many, but here are a bunch, for Mem­o­ry’s Sake: Yid­dishisms: Yid­dish Say­ings (I al­so in­ter­viewed my rel­a­tives and wrote a book on my fam­i­ly his­to­ry but that’s not for pub­lic con­sump­tion!); the first An­toine de St Ex­u­pery page; the first Al­bert Ein­stein page; the first Simp­sons Quote page; the first Og­den Nash page; the first Fran­cis Ba­con page; the first site about my home­town Great Neck; my long-time game of find­ing words-in-oth­er words; my fa­vorite et­y­molo­gies; my long-time fa­vorite po­em; my thoughts on wan­der­ing around; my game of try­ing to un­der­stand busi­ness-ese; the on­ly guide to walk­ing around NY’s eth­nic neigh­bor­hoods; some an­cient quotes that once in­flu­enced me; my cv; books that moved me; and pre-Face­book pho­tos of me.