I receive dozens of e-mails daily with people wanting to help me on almost everything.

Here's my poem that I always e-mail back to them. I wrote this almost a decade ago, but it's as true as ever.

-Morgan (morgan@westegg.com)

Thanks for visiting my Web page; hope it was useful enough
I'd love to answer your question; I know a lot of stuff

But you should know I get at least 80 emails a day
And most of the writers ask, like you, what I have to say.

If I answered every inquiry, and wrote just "no" or "yes"
Every day I'd live my life for nine whole hours less!

I'll try to help you anyway, though I do this just for fun.
After all, your homework's due tomorrow, and homework must get done!

Let me tell you about a place that's like the Internet
With even more to read about -- but easy, so don't fret

No need to point or click your mouse; no staring at a screen
But people glad to help you are always on the scene

What is this place? If you said "the library", you guessed.
Free and full of books and staff, for research it's the best.

If I could help I surely would, if it were only you
But to help out 80 people -- that I don't have time to do

Plus, doing your own homework is a skill that serves you well;
Researching one subject you'll find more than you can tell.

Get up, go out, do your own work, find out your own facts
While (my homework done) I chat with friends, or lay back and relax.

Special thanks to L.A. Siegel, who did a great job editing & improving the poem!

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