Words in Words

To amuse myself, I like finding words within other words. This page is a listing of such words my friends and I have compiled; at the end of the page are some good ones I thought of in Spanish as well.

The only rule for the game is that the two words can't be historically related ('room' in 'ballroom' is lame, for example). And the more surprising the sound difference (such as 'ought' in 'drought'; or one of my favorites: 'love' in 'slovenly'!) the better. Have fun!

Got any more? Let me know: morgan@westegg.com. And you might enjoy my new web site, too: learning Spanish via Etymologies! - My crazy language-learning method!

You put the...

star in startle
arm in charm
arch in oligarch
pet in mon petit
curv in scurvy
lever in clever
turn in turnip
rest in restaurant
ought in drought
grin in grind
sigh in sight
urge in splurge
icky in picky/tricky
love in slovenly
man in manifold
can in candor
hut in shuttle
cue in rescue
lust in lackluster
bra in vibrate
cry in crystal
isp in crisp
want in wanton
age in language
ugh in laughter
laughter in slaughter
fun in fundamentalist
mental in fundamentalist
bit in ambition
red in credit
on in moon
ass in passion
rue in accrue
antelope in cantelope
urn in turn
lime in sublime
van in nirvana
cult in culture
gem in hegemon
tuna in fortunate
ink in think
retch in stretch
moot in smooth
net in magnetic
lady in malady
irk in quirk
ape in paper
table in irresistable
vat in activate
fan in infantile
rate in courage
sage in passage
arc in larceny
tray in betrayal
ace in bracelet
rim in crimson
rote in protection
leg in illegal
pet in carpet
city in paucity
eat in leather
lame in lament
nun in pronunciation
fur in furtive
gas in orgasm
stud in student
chic in psychic
harm in pharmacy
log in kilogram
lack in black
boa in board
bit in exhibitionist
ion in optional
trip in strip
hop in shop
hit in shit
ant in want
pant in pants
or in horse
oar in hoarse
id in provide
rope in europe
rust in thrust
ice in license
pit in palpitate
cat in catholic
live in delivery
enter in center
gin in engineer
cute in execute
ham in shampoo
lie in believe
one in money
tong in tongue
wish in jewish
sad in saddle
if in life
car in scary
lick in slick
very in everything
tart in start
rough in drought
tap in metaphor
sport in transportation
bee in beef
team in steam
lab in labor
sin in business
sue in issue
fact in factory
out in couth
tot in asymptote
his in whisper
all in alloy
cast in sarcastic
tag in heritage
lend in blender
lust in illustrate
anger in dangerous
tome in customer
tip in multiply
germ in germane
tar in starve
text in texture
ark in sparkle
win in swing
hard in orchard
rage in garage
top in utopia
lamb in lambast
nature in signature
test in protestant
ram in frame
hit in white
list in listen
call in scallion
hot in dichotomy
rut in truth
cap in capture
pot in depot
oil in spoil
rail in trail
ask in task
liver in sliver
rest in forest
pit in spite
rum in rummage
ten in tenor
rake in brake
ire in wire
rod in rodeo
rid in pride
early in clearly
ration in inspiration
emu in demure
vent in prevention
epic in epicenter
apt in capture
spit in spite
crib in scribble
scent in ascent
cut in cute
chin in urchin
reed in freedom
goo in goose
duct in product
num in number
ugh in enough/throughout/rough
maze in amaze
fan in fantastic
lip in slip
dumb in dumbwaiter
fun in dysfunctional
belie in unbelievable
rib in moribund
euro in neurotic
ring in stringent
cuba in incubation
tea in instead
inner in dinner
ire in hired
ass in glass
hot in photocopy
room in broom
ran in orange
lip in clipboard
lion in million
tea in instead
ring in stringent
host in ghost
sole in obsolete
hub in hubris
ouch in touch
heat in theater
sin in easiness
wage in sewage
rat in fraternity
the rapist in therapist
star in startle
arm in charm
bit in bitter
dame in fundamentalist
bee in beer
star in starve
event in prevention
room in groom
ass in grass
ass in brass
spa in spark
car in cargo
bar in embargo
mal in malefactor
anal in analysis
eel in steel
riff in tariff
flat in inflation
itch in bitch
meow in homeowner
trance in entrance
fancy in infancy
rap in rape
age in courage
ho in showbusiness
rot in protein
rant in restaurant
butt in butter
fee in coffee
our in flour
read in bread
ring in spring
hole in the whole
id in kid
ape in paper
astronomy in gastronomy
risk in asterisk
arch in patriarch
here in where
vat in excavations
gem in management
nail in snail
fug in refuge
ear in year
lend in calendar
sign in design
colon in colony
car in carbon
down in landowner
tine in continental
list in minimalistic
over in recovery
eve in level, even,
last in plastic
ago in agony
dive in biodiversity
onto in ontology
loss in glossary
nation in urination
air in lair,dairy,fair,pair
now in snow
act in character
miss in emission
rust in crust
ice in voice, slice,spice,price,mice,dice,vice,nice,rice
alley in valley
tall in metallic
stance in substance
low in flow
low in clown
oil in soil
lay in clay
plan in plant
elm in helmet
son in mason

And a few en Español...

Vos ponés el/la....

ala en ojala
una en luna
luna en lunatica
ocio en emocionado
razon en corazon
gente en inteligente
rio en barrio
mina en caminar
cantar en encantar
culo en ridiculo
hora en ahora
comer en comercial
lama en reclamar
amor en amorfo
Let me know ifyou think of any more!
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