Some photos of me

July 2010 -- Smiling

November, 2007 -- Waiting for the Editor to call.

November, 2006 -- See if you can spot me, a few times, in a pillow fight outside the plantario (Buenos Aires)

December, 2005 -- Reading my soon-to-published book on the subway.

August, 2005 -- in Central Park in NY with Maxi, wearing the great t-shirt that Ivana made me that only the Argentines will understand. Ask me if you want a translation. Photo by Javier Agostinelli.

December, 2004 -- Am I or am I not a used car salesman?

July, 2004 -- Going to a celebrity baseball game in Atlantic City

July 4th, 2004 - Playing guitar in Boston.

March, 2004 -- Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

January 2004 - Drinking at Pravda.

September 2003 - Looking at art in Santa Monica. Minutes after Sarah took the photo, Alan said, "there is nothing in this photo to give away the fact that it's not 1976." Me, the following day, standing by the beach.

June 2003 - Sitting in Dan's apartment.

Feb. 2003 - Me sitting at my desk in my apartment. I'm not in the photo of Kristen, Luis (my roommate), and Lisa -- but they are hanging out in my apartment so you can see in the background where I live, well at least my books.

Feb. 15th, 2003 - Protesting the war (but which one?)

October, 2002 - In my neighborhood in Brooklyn

June, 2000 - One day in Buenos Aires

Summer '97 - at Cal

Growing up

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