Unicorp: Dedicated to Excellence

One of Unicorp's corporate objectives is to develop strategic relationships with key customers and be recognized for our ability to deliver services of superior value. This competitive advantage will be achieved through continued focus on our core competencies, management attention to the development of operations and process management excellence in all parts of our business, the identification and application of best processes, and continued attention to direct and indirect cost management. The focus on core competencies will promote the concentration of knowledge in select areas consistent with the tenets of Unicorp's strategic plan, Unicorp 2000. Management's attention to operations and process management excellence in all business areas will be achieved through the continued expansion of our management and technical staff, as well as through consistent application of corporate quality programs such as benchmarking and continuous improvement, leading to the establishment of Unicorp's superior business processes in each core competency. Finally, continued attention to direct and indirect cost management will enable Unicorp to offer customers a superior, value-added package of high-quality service at a competitive price.

As we look to the 21st century, Unicorp's goals will be to penetrate new markets, attract external equity financing and achieve increased business volume. Our most critical challenges will involve moving faster, communicating better and coordinating activities more closely companywide. We must concentrate on growth within our existing clients and seek to improve upon the ways in which we solicit new business. We must question old ways of marketing while consistently fine-tuning our selling processes. Our future success will depend largely upon the quality of our service and our ability to leverage additional work from existing contacts.

Our strengths to date have been built on a strong commitment to quality, value, integrity and innovation. Management must continue to invest in the appropriate technology, human resources and infrastructure to meet our strategic goals and objectives. We must continue to deliver high-quality, value-added services by hiring only the best and the brightest professionals. We must retain, motivate and reward these individuals and instill in them an unmatched commitment to client service.

Unicorp will face many challenges in 2000. Successfully managing these challenges will demand a strong commitment from Unicorp’s senior management. We must invest in new technology to strengthen our performance management and control processes. In order to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of Unicorp, management must have immediate access to relevant financial and operational information. We must capitalize on our own experiences and expertise. Understanding how to leverage our internal knowledge is no longer simply an advantage -- it’s a business imperative. Unicorp’s ability to learn faster than its competitors is quickly becoming its strongest sustainable competitive edge.

A critical initiative beginning in 2000 will involve organizing our internal knowledge, best practices and innovations into an effective knowledge management system. Building upon our proven methodology for continuous quality improvement, Unicorp will combine resources to develop a corporate learning system. The system will assist our professionals in staying abreast of current company goals, objectives and strategies and will enable Unicorp as a whole to provide a higher level of customer service through the sharing of validated knowledge management processes.

Unicorp has recognized the need to develop a new strategy designed to diversify its customer base by expanding into newer, faster-growing and more profitable markets.

Corporate vision
Unicorp is committed to providing value-added services through the growth of personal and business relationships which translate into competitive profits, client safisfaction, professional growth and career enhancement for our employees and long-term viability for the company.

Corporate Mission
Our multi-faceted mission is our driving force. Unicorp wants to:

  1. Establish solid corporate leadership which guides and directs the effective accomplishment of strategic goals and objectives;
  2. Foster an attitude of outstanding customer service and satisfaction;
  3. Continually refine our corporate vision to leverage our human,
  4. technical, and financial resources effectively to achieve strategic goals;
  5. Instill a corporate atmosphere, management philosophy, and organizational performance criteria which capitalizes on diversity;
  6. Promote a commitment to outstanding performance, quality, innovation, and pursuit of excellence; and
  7. Maintain a people-come-first environment where all employees are integral components of our success formula.