Great Neck Online
A Brief History of Great Neck
Coming Soon: A virtual tour through Great Neck, 1644 - Today

Great Neck & The Great Gatsby
Scott Fitzgerald's novel takes place in Great Neck -- and is a fitting description of it, then and now

"A Look Ahead": A Description of Great Neck from 1936
Arthur F. Rausch's wonderful -- wonderful despite its almost advertising-copy tone -- summary of Great Neck from '36.

Some famous residents of Great Neck of Old
Vanderbilt, Chrysler, Bloomingdale, Wodehouse, Fields, Marx, etc.; Includes dozens of links to Web pages

Some Historic Sites in Great Neck
Your guide to the testaments to Great Neck's past; Or, what beautiful, old sites to visit on a sunny afternoon

A Brief History of Kensington
One of the -- dare I say, classiest? -- villages of Great Neck

Great Neck Historical Society
For those interested in preserving and propagating the history

An Historic Bibliography of Great Neck
Still want more? This is where to look.

For information about the history of Long Island, be sure to explore Newsday's LIHistory.Com.


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