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ugly as sin
ugly duckling
go ugly early; don't wait for closing time
even the ugly ones need loving
I never went to bed with an ugly woman; woke up with a few
he/she put the ug in ugly
ugly enough to make a freight train take a dirt road
fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch
hit with an ugly stick
ugly as a mud fence
beauty's only skin deep; ugly goes through to the bone.
Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone

So, now that you've found the cliche you're looking for, this suggests a bigger question: What is a cliche?

Oh, the ways to answer that question! It is something we hear all the time. George Orwell would probably say that it is something that we should never say or think! Lets try to be creative here!

A cliche, then, is really just an unoriginal thought. But unoriginal thoughts are so much fun -- and often, they capture timeless wisdom of the ages.

Thus, we can play a fun game: with every phrase we hear or read (or even think!), we can ask ourselves, is this a cliche or not?. Once you start doing this, everything you hear turns into a cliche!

Actually, I am now thinking of forming the Cliche Brigade -- where we are on the lookout for silly and fun cliches! Have you heard any recently? Let me know!

I love discussing cliches with everyone and anyone! If you want to have some cliched conversations, then send me an email: !!!!

To me, the web is just a big conversation -- as cliched as it is! -- so, we should talk in order to learn more about cliches. Plus, as you have surely seen from the web pages, I am a friendly guy! Life is short so lets just be good and have fun... as cliched as it is.

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