• Became UV's CMO, FTW

    Became UV’s CMO, FTW

    I be­gan lead­ing growth for UV. Fig­ur­ing out how to land mil­lion dol­lar dev con­tracts has been quite the ad­ven­tur­ous ride. I’ve been lov­ing it and con­quer­ing it!

  • Founded Checkraise

    Founded Checkraise

    Ask me about it. Check­raise built the most mod­ern pok­er tech­nol­o­gy on the mar­ket — in­clud­ing the first in-brows­er, re­al-mon­ey, ful­ly le­gal pok­er game. And it gave me an ex­cuse to spend most of my time in São Paulo for a few years and learn Por­tuguese.

  • Founded Tinak: Aramaic Art

    Founded Tinak: Aramaic Art

    Cre­at­ed the mar­ket for mod­ern art ke­tubahs, tak­ing an­cient Ara­ma­ic texts and us­ing them in mod­ern art. Led the com­pa­ny to prof­itabil­i­ty, and built a fan­tas­tic and loy­al com­mu­ni­ty around our art and style. Now I’m Chairman–just be­cause that makes me sound im­por­tant!

  • Founded Tripsmith

    Founded Tripsmith

    My very first com­pa­ny: one of the first print-on-de­mand sys­tems. Got lucky, right be­fore The Crash.