• Founded Checkraise

    Ask me about it. Checkraise built the most modern poker technology on the market — including the first in-browser, real-money, fully legal poker game. And it gave me an excuse to spend most of my time in São Paulo for a few years and learn Portuguese.

  • Founded Tinak

    Created the market for modern art ketubahs. Led the company to profitability, and built a fantastic and loyal community around our art and style. Now I’m Chairman–just because that makes me sound important!

  • Founded Tripsmith

    My very first company: one of the first print-on-demand systems. Got lucky, right before The Crash.

  • Began Westegg on Sept 11, 1997

    When still a baby bopper, I founded my first site & bought my first domain on date that most people remember for some other reason that happened a few years later.